Christmas Belles - Auditions

Auditions: Oct. 17-18, 2010

7W 4M

Due to the short rehearsal schedule, this show has been classified as a reunion special. Where possible, the original cast has been invited to reprise their roles. At this time the only open roles are Justin Waverly (the preacher) and Twink Futrelle (middle sister).

Geneva Musgrave, 50-60's crusty owner of the town flower shop and the local town gossip. If you want something to be spread easy as melted butter talk to Geneva.

Honey Raye Futrelle, 50ish, oldest Futrelle sister, sexy, vivacious go- getter, who is "enjoying" the wonderful world of menopause.

Gina Jo (G.J.) Dubberly, Frankie and Dub's daughter, 20's guileless and enthusiastic. She is your typical Daisy Duke sort of girl. Loves the life she currently lives and loves her family more than life itself.

John Curtis Buntner, 35-55, deputy sheriff, loves the ladies just as much as he loves his donuts and coffee.

Twink Futrelle, middle Futrelle sister, 40's – the "black sheep". She is loud and so is her style - very sexy and not scared to show off a little skin to get what she needs. She is the toughest of the sisters.

Dub Dubberly, Frankie's husband, 40's your typical trailer park husband. Life revolves around NASCAR, hunting, and drinking beer. He loves his wife more than he may show.

Frankie Futrelle Dubberly, youngest Futrelle sister, 40's, pregnant with her 2nd set of twins She is the most normal of the sisters but still out there. She is a wonderful mother and if full of wit.

Rhonda Lynn Lampley, 50's, flashy manager of The Dairy Dog. There is a secret about her, and likes to do whatever it takes to try to fit in. She is a chameleon and copies what is around her. She is a cross between Martha Stewart and Paula Dean.

Justin Waverly, 20's, interim Pastor at the Tabernacle of the Lamb, very sweet and innocent, doesn't like confrontation and is love with GJ.

Raynerd Chisum, (adult male) part-time employee at The Dairy Dog, live is his world is very simple, and for all the hard times there is always a place for the little red wagon. He is slow in his thoughts and speech but he always speaks from the heart.

Patsy Price, 40-60, elegant society matron. She is a high class, well as high as you can get in a trailer park. She is never wrong, and knows everything there is to know about the whole existence of man kind.