A big thank you to everyone that came to audition for ANYTHING GOES. Wow! Don't know if the Crighton stage has ever had that many tapping talented feet on it all at one time but you all certainly made director Randy Bianchi job very hard. Well done! If not cast in the show, please consider helping backstage. We are in need sound and light board operators - training provided! We also need folks to help on running crew.

This time next year we'll be casting for SINGING IN THE RAIN so keep those tap shoes handy! If you are not going to accept a role, please contact Randy Bianchi at

Reno Sweeney- Meaghan Schulz
Hope Harcourt- Christina Taylor
Evangeline Harcourt- Carolyn Wong
Evelyn Oakleigh- Jonathan Rozas
Elisha Whitney- Phil Clarke
Billy Crocker- Hunter McMahon
Moonface Martin (gangster)- Michael Raabe
Erma- Amy Barnes
John(Chinese)- Steven Wong
Luke (Chinese)- Michael Wong
Captain- Dan Tippen
Purser- Jared Ball
Angel #1 - Purity- Sara Marko
Angel #2- Chastity- Brittany Carpenter
Angel #3 - Charity- Sachi Tanaka
Angel #4 - Virtue- Laura Lange
Sailor's Quartet- Steffan Crenshaw
Sailor's Quartet- Hayden Ventrice
Sailor's Quartet- Devon Norwood
Sailor's Quartet- Deion Galindo
Fred (bartender)- Michael Wong
Henry Dobson (minister)- Deion Galindo
Reporter 1- Steffan Crenshaw
Reporter 2 -Katie Boudreaux
Photographer- Hayden Ventrice
FBI agent 1- Devon Norwood
FBI agent 2- John Barton
Old Lady in Wheelchair- Katie Boudreaux
Men's chorus (sailor)- Steffan Crenshaw
Men's dance tap chorus (sailor)- Devon Norwood
Men's dance tap chorus (sailor)- Jared Ball
Men's dance tap chorus (sailors)- Deion Galindo
Men's dance chorus (sailors)- TBA
Men's dance chorus (sailors)- TBA
Passenger 1- Taylor Maresca
Passenger 2- Devon Norwood
Passenger 3- Isabella Munson
Women's tap chorus- Taylor Maresca
Women's chorus- Jessica Rajski
Women's chorus- Carolina Reyes
Women's tap chorus- Peyton Crenshaw
Women's tap chorus- Katie Boudreaux
Women's chorus (dance captain)- Isabella Munson
Women's chorus- Brittany Carpenter
Women's tap chorus- Mikki Woodard
Women's tap chorus- Christina Nellis
Women's tap chorus- Alexandra Casey
Women's tap chorus- Sara Marko
Women's tap chorus- Laura Lange
Girl in Bar- Sara Marko
Sailor in Bar- Hayden Ventrice