The Best Christmas Pageant Ever Cast List

Thanks to all who attended auditions! The cast list is posted below.
Some roles will be finalized during the read through on Wednesday.

Beth Bradley: Lauren Ferro
Grace Bradley: Cristy Campobella
Bob Bradley: Bob Galley

Charlie: Bradley Rice or Cole Smith
Leroy Herdman: Cole Smith or Bradley Rice

Ralph Herdman: Andrew Stewart
Imogene Herdman: Maddie Rodriguez
Claude Herdman: John Wallace Barton
Ollie Herdman: James Pate
Gladys Herdman: Lucy Barrera

Alice Wendleken: Elena Yanez
Maxine: Brooklyn Spikes
Elmer: Kolby Hughes
David: Palmer Smith
Hobie: Cash Fournier
Beverly: Lena Marlow Clarke
Mrs. Slocum: Katie Kelly
Mrs. McCarthy: Tiffany Rutledge
Mrs. Armstrong: Wendy Albright
Mrs. Clark: Tina Lockhart
Mrs. Clausing: Mary Gulch
Reverend Hopkins: Craig Campobella
Firemen: Steve Murphree, Phil Clarke and John Barton

ANGEL CHOIR: (dressed like angels)
Baby Angel Shirley: Annie Tenhet
Baby Angel Juanita: will be chosen later
Piper Lout
Rheanna O'keefe
Kristine Palma
Madden Coules
Avery McGoveran
Aaralyn Senn

Shepherds/ Etc...
Andrew Mathieson- "Voice" in scene 3
Hunter Smith
Jackson Glover
Stephen Twinny

CHOIR MEMBERS: (dressed in robes)
Mandy Litke
Sarah Shingler
Maddie Honick
Joy Jones Luce
Emili Stowe
Alyza Yanez
Alik Brisby
Payton Mixon
Bailey Corbin
Hannah Glover
Abby Harrison
Amy Galley
Allysa Smith
Dominique Roman
Robin Neill
Stephanie Wade

THE FIRST READ THROUGH IS WEDNESDAY, Sept 17th (tomorrow) and those with
lines need to be there. If you are a fireman, in the angel choir or regular choir
or under the heading of shepherd, do not HAVE to be there
Wednesday, but you may come if you want to sit and listen to the read through.