My Fair Lady

Music by Frederick Loewe
Book and Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner
Performances: Feb 10-26, 2017
Auditions: Oct 23-24, 2016

Based on Shaw’s play and Pascal’s movie “Pygmalion,” with book, music and lyrics by Lerner and Loewe, MY FAIR LADY is triumphant. Henry Higgins, a Professor of Phonetics, encounters Eliza Doolittle, a cockney flower girl, one cold March night at Covent Garden market. He declares to his friend Colonel Pickering that in three months he could transform Eliza into a duchess. Experience our version through the production photos!

Over the course of several months Eliza, who moves into the Higgins household, is put through a gruelling course of phonetics and elocution lessons by Higgins. Eliza's moment of triumph comes at the Embassy Ball. She is beautiful, elegant and well-spoken and proves to be an enormous success particularly with the young gentleman Freddy Eynsford-Hill who falls desperately in love with her.

After the ball Eliza falls into despondency as she sees Higgins celebrating his triumph in passing Eliza off as a duchess, showing little consideration for her feelings. Unnoticed, she slips out of Higgins' house and seeks consolation with Higgins' mother. Higgins comes in search of her but Eliza refuses to return with him.

Back at his flat he sinks into his chair prepared to face a bleak, lonely future. But just then-a moment before the final curtain falls-a figure emerges from the shadowy corner of the room, and Higgins recognizes Eliza.


(2 female; 6 male)

Eliza Doolittle — a Cockney flower girl from Lisson Grove working outside Covent Garden
Colonel Pickering — retired British officer with colonial experience; the author of “Spoken Sanskrit”
Henry Higgins — British upper class professional bachelor, world famous phonetics expert
Freddy Eynsford-Hill — upper class young man who becomes completely smitten with Eliza
Alfred P. Doolittle — Eliza’s father; an elderly but vigorous dustman
Harry — drinking companion of Alfred Doolittle
Jamie — drinking companion of Alfred Doolittle
Mrs. Pearce — Henry Higgins’ housekeeper


Mrs. Eynsford-Hill — a friend of Mrs. Higgins’ and Freddy’s mother
Mrs. Higgins — Henry’s long-suffering mother
Bartender (George) — works the Tottenham Court Road Pub
Mrs. Hopkins — a Cockney woman of Tottenham Court
Professor Zoltan Karpathy — a bearded Hungarian; former phonetics student of Henry Higgins
A Bystander — outside Covent Garden in the opening scene
4 Cockney Men — the male Cockney quartet in Covent Garden Market
Butler — Henry Higgins’ household employee
Footman — Henry Higgins’ household; non-speaking
Lord Boxington — friend of Mrs. Higgins; Ascot race patron
Lady Boxington — at Ascot races; non-speaking
Flower Girl — working in Wimpole Street
Footman — Embassy employee
Footman — Embassy employee; non-speaking
Selsey Man — bystander outside Covent Garden, opening scene
Hoxton Man — bystander outside Covent Garden, opening scene
2 Maids — Henry Higgins’ household; non-speaking
3 Buskers — street performers outside Covent Garden; non-speaking
6 Servants — Henry Higgins’ household; non-speaking chorus singers S-S-A-A-T-B
2 Stewards — Ascot employees; non-speaking

Singing and Dancing Ensembles

The Ascot Race patrons

Embassy Ball guests, including

The Queen of Transylvania and her escort
The Ambassador and his wife
Dr. Themistocles Stephanos

Covent Garden scene Crowd
Tottenham Court Crowd, etc.

Various Voices

Doubling roles with single spoken lines

Angry Woman — Act I, Scene 2
Angry Man — Act I, Scene 2
Charles — Mrs. Higgins’ Chauffeur, Act I, Scene 6
Policemen — Wimpole Street, Act I, Scene 8
Queen of Transylvania – Act I, Scene 10
Maid — Mrs. Higgins’ employee, Act II, Scene 5