STAGE RIGHT Announces Auditions for Rumors

STAGE RIGHT of Texas, resident theatre company at the historic Crighton Theatre, announces auditions for the Neil Simon's comedy Rumors on Feb. 14-15 at 7 pm. The show is directed by Travis Bryant.

Plot Summary:

Rumors a farce in two acts, set in Palisades, that shows a dinner party gone topsy-turvy. An enjoyable romp that has been staged countless times all over the country, this is one of Simon's most celebrated comedies. But it carries a subtle undercurrent of sadness, which becomes more clear when we set it alongside the events of the playwright's life.

Audition Dates & Times: Sunday & Monday Feb. 14-15 at 7:00 PM
Audition Location: Crighton Theatre 234 N. Main St. Conroe, TX 77301
Performance Dates: April 15-May 1, 2016

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM Sunday Matinees at 2:00 PM No conflicts accepted for Performance Dates or the 2 weeks before opening

Chris Gorman (F) - Chris is an attractive woman in her mid 30s. She is nervous
and neurotic. She recently quit smoking but quickly falls off the wagon. She will
be smoking prop cigarettes through most of the second act. Chris also has a few too
many vodka martinis and plays slightly drunk starting about midway through the show.
Chris does some physical comedy.
Ken Gorman (M) - Ken is Chris’ husband. He is in his 40s and is Charley’s attorney
and friend. Ken is pompous, serious, a know-it-all...when he can hear. About
midway through the first act, Ken has a slight accident with the shotgun. It goes off
next to his head and leaves him virtually deaf for a good part of the center section of
the show. Ken has to be shouted at, shouts in return and constantly mis-hears what is
being said to him.
Claire Ganz (F) - Claire is late 30s to early 40s. She is an unimpressed smartmouth
who is seemingly amused by everything that is going on. Not surprising considering
her husband...
Leonard “Lenny” Ganz (M) - Lenny is Claire’s husband and is also in his late
30s to early 40s. He is Charley’s accountant. Lenny is by far the most foul-mouthed,
outspoken member of the cast. He is also HILARIOUS. IMPORTANT NOTE: Lenny
has a bizarre three page monologue at the end of the show where he is posing as
“Charley” and tells his version of just what’s been going on around there. Lenny and
Claire have also had a car wreck on the way over and Lenny’s neck keeps locking up
on him.
Cookie Cusack (F) - Cookie is a flamboyant host of her own cooking show.
She is in her mid to late 40s, garish, a bit ditzy and will be expected to deliver quite
a bit of physical comedy. Cookie has a bad bad that she carries a special
pillow with her everywhere. Her back is regulary going out with much screaming and
gyration. A couple of times Cookie is actually forced to crawl on and off the stage due
to her back ailments.
Ernie Cusack (M) - Ernie is Cookie’s husband and Charley’s analyst. He is in
his late 40s/early 50s. He is a somewhat quiet and calming presence in the midst of
the storm of confusion. Although he does lose it a couple of times. He helps Cookie
prepare the meal for the evening and is mistaken for the butler at one point.
Glenn Cooper (M) - Glenn is a candidate for the State Senate. He is in his
late 30s/early 40s and obviously quite handsome. The TV cameras love him. He is
constantly worried about his image and how involvement in the possible crimes being
committed all around him might impact his candidacy.
Cassie Cooper (F) - Cassie is Glenn’s wife. She is younger, probably early 30s,
very good looking and totally nuts. She and Glenn hate each other. She doesn’t want
to be there, she is constantly fi ghting with Glenn and she is constantly threatening divorce.
Cassie is a believer in the power of crystals. She also hides in the bathroom a
lot. At one point, to punish Glenn, Cassie tousles her hair and fl irts outrageously with
some of the other male guests. She also attacks Glenn with a cell phone (a 1988 cell
phone) off stage in a fit of rage.
Officer Ben Welch (M) - No nonsense cop in his 40s-50s. Has a couple of
smaller monologues.
Officer Connie Pudney (F) - Late 20s cop. Welch’s partner. Minimal lines.