Glitz! The Little Miss Christmas Pageant Musical

Book & Lyrics by Bert Bernardi
Music by Justin Rugg
permission by Steele Spring Stage Rights
Audition Dates: Sept 8-9, 2018 (tentative)
Performance Dates: Nov 30-Dec 16, 2018
Production Photos: Nov 28, 2018

In the true spirit of Christmas, get a behind-the-scenes look at the backstabbing mothers and fiercely competitive daughters in the ‘Little Miss Christmas Pageant,’ an annual competition where ten girls (and their outrageous stage moms) compete for the coveted Christmas crown. Sequins, shiny shoes, and a can of hairspray aren’t all it takes to win this battle. These diva daughters and pushy moms are armed with sheer grit and a thirst for victory. However, when the value of truth, honesty, and love is learned, Christmas spirit becomes the true winner in this heartwarming new holiday classic.


Buddy Panache – A shy, bespectacled piano player with a secret.

Mr. Glunchappen – A befuddled older man.

Burnsy – A stage hand (could be cast male or female).

Shayde Shams – Slick, flashy, devious host of the pageant.

Helen Haley – Devoted mother from Texas who takes the pageant life very seriously.

Hailey Ann Haley – Her daughter, the most perfect little girl—ever!

Olivia Westinghouse Winerack III – Wealthy, snobbish New Yorker.

Taylor Addison Winerack – Her daughter. Smart, beautiful and an overachiever.

Marybeth Mccutcheon – Sweet, Homespun, Small Town Mom.

Goodness Gracious Mccutcheon - Her daughter. As sweet and simple as her Mom.

Mugsy Loren – Streetwise housewife from New Jersey.

Sophia Loren – Her daughter. A tough cookie with no desire to be at the pageant.

Cheryl Spangles – Fun-loving mom bubbling over with personality.

Barbie Spangles – Her daughter. Eager to please, eager to win.

Paula Porcupone – A Contestant.

Skyblue Mountain Windsong – A Contestant.

Rona Chernobyl – A Contestant.

Angelo Acquafresca – A Contestant.

Natalie Nabisco – A Contestant.

Mister Jerry* – Flamboyant, over-the-hill choreographer

Donna Lisa Derringer – Local girl convinced to enter the pageant.

Jacob Marley* – A ghost from mr. Sham’s past (not from dickens!)

First Ghost* – A beauty queen ghost from pageants past.

Boy** – A vision of Mr. Shams from his past.

Second Ghost* – The ghost of a cosmetic saleswoman.

Mother** – Donna Lisa’s down-to-earth mother who appears in a vision.

Third Ghost** – A hooded, caped, mute figure.

First Nun* – Nun from the country of Spelva. Does not speak English.

Second Nun** – Another Spelvan nun who speaks English.

** These roles may be double cast by actors in other roles.

Setting: The pageant finals at the Bilgewater Falls Meeting Hall Train Depot