Opening Weekend for Mama Won't Fly - World Premiere

After a year and a half of preparation and planning, it all comes down to opening night. Over 330 people came to meet Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten who worked as greeters. They got to the Crighton earlier than most of the cast. This was the biggest opening of a non-musical in terms of effort, patrons, press, and pre-show activities for Stage Right to date. Not bad for a theatre group who just passed the 3 year mark. The buzz in the air was electric. You never know what lines patrons will find funny. We were surprised at the kids in the audience who had a fabulous time. Not a bad birthday present for Carolyn Corsano Wong (artistic director) who always seems to be doing a show on her birthday. Then again, who wouldn't want to spend time with your extended theatre family?

Believe it or not, Saturday's performance was even better. Another 300+ patrons came to see this hilarious premiere. Don't miss the remaining performances of Mama Won't Fly! Pictures of opening night are now in the gallery. Thanks to Nikie Brown of WishNik Photography for the production pictures. We have also posted the draft commemorative poster.

Top Twenty Notes for World Premiere Opening Night:

20. Make sure the to-go box holds the rib bones before you pack them for your dog.
19. Addendum to Murphy's Law. Ice chests stop working when you need them most.
18. Drops never come out looking like the picture they send you.
17. Would somebody clean the mop after you use it?
16. Stairs. Why does it have to be stairs - especially when you have to store furniture.
15. Blowers work great when you have sawdust, feathers, and anything else that needs to be cleared from the stage and backstage.
14. Find the "edit" button for your director when you are working on set.
13. Check which side is up before you cut. Otherwise you'll end up with a door that is too short.
12. Know where the fire extinguisher is before you need to use it. Otherwise you will be cleaning the scene shop when you should be sleeping.
11. Warn your guests (Jessie, Nicholas, and Jaime) about the railroad tracks before they get to where they are staying. Otherwise they might think you've put them up in a shack.
10. Remember to bring your memory (card) for your digital camera. It's work better. Doesn't everything?
9. Light cues. Follow them. Otherwise you're always one step behind.
8. Set the thermostat down to 70 degrees way before the performance. It gets hot walking up and down the stairs.
7. Charge batteries. The wireless speaker lasts longer that way.
6. Always trip your patrons with food so you don't have to take it home.
5. Enough of the cue to cues at 7:30 in the morning.
4. Spare polo shirts. Try to avoid fires that will make your shirts smell like smoke. Hard to do when thousands of acres are burning around you.
3. What happened to the crazy wedding attire theme? No wild and crazy gals, I guess.
2. Avoid ordering shirts from a place that is in the path of fire. Screaming Tees just moved to Magnolia in time to see the wrath of the wild fires ravaging Texas.
1. All glory is fleeting. Carpe diem.