The Miracle Worker - Auditions

STAGE RIGHT announces auditions for The Miracle Worker on July 15-16, 2012 at 7 PM at the historic Crighton Theatre.

Blind, deaf and mute, HELEN KELLER is a little girl with limited outlets for communication with the outside world. Cute as a button and clever like a fox, she’s got her entire family wrapped around her spoiled little finger.

Though a concerned and caring mother, KATE KELLER is near the end of her rope in caring for Helen. Often more concerned with appeasing Helen than attempting to teach her, Kate only reinforces a foul temperament in her daughter.

CAPTAIN ARTHUR KELLER, a savvy military mind and father to both Helen and James Keller, is more sure on the battlefield than in matters of the heart. The role of Captain Keller has been pre-cast.

While no one can fully identify with Helen’s unique set of limitations, ANNIE SULLIVAN may come the closest having once been blind herself. She has led a difficult life and she knows what could be in store for Helen if she cannot learn to behave and to communicate with those around her.

Son to the Captain and stepson to Kate, JAMES just can’t seem to fit in with the Keller household. Ridiculed by his father and often subjugated by the rest of the family, James is on his own quest to find how he can break through and reach his family.

A true Southern matron, AUNT EV seems to have an opinion on just about everything.

PERCY and MARTHA are both playmates for Helen and servants for the Keller family.

A mentor for Annie, ANAGNOS serves as the warm, reassuring voice for her when she feels backed into a corner.

A concerned member of the Keller clan, servant VINEY is close to the action.

The DOCTOR will be played by various members of the community.