The Drowsy Chaperone - Auditions

STAGE RIGHT annoucnces auditions for The Drowsy Chaperone set for Dec. 2-3, 2012 at the historic Crighton Theatre.

Auditions will consist of a short song of your choosing and cold readings from the script. Bring a CD or iPod phone with your music. No accompanist will be available.

Man in Chair- Walks the audience through the show. Alludes to some failed relationships in the past. Lives alone and has trouble paying his electricity bills on time.

Janet Van de Graaf- Star of Feldzig's Follies who wants to give it up for marriage. Sings "Show Off" and "Bride's Lament". Marries Robert at end of show.

Robert Martin- Token 1920's Leading Man character. Sings "Cold Feets" and "Accident Waiting to Happen" (skates while blindfolded).

George- Best friend of Robert and shares the 'Cold Feets' tap dance with Robert. Ultimately serves as the best man for all four weddings.

Gangsters 1 and 2- Two 'on the lam' criminals who pose as pastry chefs. Sing and dance in "Toledo Surprise"

Feldzig- Producer of Feldzig's Follies. Plans to stop the wedding between Robert and Janet. Marries Kitty at end of show.

Kitty- Token 'dumb blonde' character. Wants to take Janet's place as star of Feldzig's Follies.

Aldolpho- Token Italian heartthrob character. Sings "I Am Aldolpho" and marries the Chaperone.

The Drowsy Chaperone- Perpetually drunk assistant to Janet. Sings "As We Stumble Along"

Mrs. Tottendale- Eccentric and oftentimes forgetful older lady who finances Robert and Janet's wedding. Sings "Love is Always Lovely in the End". Marries Underling.

Underling- Tottendale's butler and manservant.

Trix- Aviatrix who serves as minister for the married couples. Sings "I Do, I Do in the Sky"

Chorus parts are also available.