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A Charlie Brown Christmas

A Charlie Brown Christmasby Charles M. Schulz
Based on the television special by Bill Melendez
and Lee Mendelson
Stage Adaptation by Eric Schaeffer
By Special Arrangement with Arthur Whitelaw and Ruby Persson
permission by Tams-Witmark
Audition Dates: Sept. 17-18, 2017
Performance Dates: Dec. 1-17, 2017
Production Photos: Nov. 29, 2017 (Wednesday)

When Charlie Brown complains about the overwhelming materialism he sees among everyone during the Christmas season, Lucy suggests that he become director of the school Christmas pageant. Charlie Brown accepts, but this proves to be a frustrating endeavor. When an attempt to restore the proper holiday spirit with a forlorn little Christmas fir tree fails, he needs Linus’ help to discover the real meaning of Christmas. See the video by the cast!
Dec. 1-17, 2017; $15-$22

For tickets click here or call (936)441-SHOW

Final Weekend for The Miracle Worker

Over 600 patrons came to the final weekend of The Miracle Worker. "Best show I've seen in a while" and "Best show ever" were some of the superlatives used by the patrons. Over 200 kids from surrounding school districts and their acting teachers took advantage of the promotional special to the show. The kids were mesmerized by the story. Kids are so used to special effects on TV that they wanted to know if the water from the pump was real (yes, I hope so).

If you missed the show, see the production photos in the gallery, take a look at the show poster, read the magazine articles or the newspaper articles. For a more in-depth interview with the actors, take a look at the new One on One:Inside the Crighton series.

Why is the Miracle Worker 'The Doggy Show'?

"Best show ever." which is high praise from the patrons. "I know the story, but I didn't expect to be so touched." We tell them, "Wait for Act 2". The smaller guests ask, "Are the people real? Is the doggy real? I want to see the doggy show!" Another 300 patrons came and gave the cast of The Miracle Worker another 3 standing ovations. Better yet, the patrons are telling their friends and coming back again to see the show. But don't take other's opinions about the show - see it for yourself!

Get your tickets for the last weekend! You can find pictures from the show in the gallery.

Opening Weekend for The Miracle Worker

Over 300 patrons came to see the opening of The Miracle Worker. While most everyone knows the story of Helen Keller and her teacher, Annie Sullivan, our patrons were surprised by how much the story and the performances touched their hearts. Both Helens - Lena Torluemke of The Woodlands and Lauren Santana of Houston - and the cast received standing ovations for their incredible performances. See the online interviews with the cast or the Dockline magazine articles for more information.

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My Three Angels - Auditions

STAGE RIGHT of Texas, resident theatre company at the historic Crighton Theatre, announces auditions for their upcoming production MY THREE ANGELS by Sam and Bella Spewack on September 9 & 10 at 7 pm with callbacks on Sunday, Sept. 16. This is the play on which the movie “My Three Angels” with Humphrey Bogart and Peter Ustinov was based. The show will be directed by STAGE RIGHT artistic director Carolyn Corsano Wong.

The scene is French Guiana, Christmas day where the temperature has graciously dropped to 104 degrees. Three amiable convicts are employed as roofers at Ducotel’s General Store. The roof winds up being the least of the Ducotel family’s trouble. On the way from France are an evil-minded cousin and his cold-blooded nephew, who jilted the Ducotel’s daughter for an heiress. The three convicts are passionate believers in true justice, and decide it’s their job to take the visitors on. Possessing every criminal art and penal grace, they set matters right in this captivating and comedic holiday treasure.

The cast consists of 3 women and 7 men of varying ages. While not expert singers, the actors playing Marie Louise, Joseph, Jules and Alfred all sing a few bars of a Christmas Carol together. These actors must be able to hold a tune.

Felix Ducotel: Big hearted, trusting shopkeeper on the island. He believes there is goodness in all people; his kindness and generosity lead him to being taken advantage of and as such his business is in danger of failing, He is Emilie’s husband and father to Marie Louise. (Age: 50's)

Emilie Ducotel: Not as trusting as her husband, she is none the less a proper lady who is a devoted wife and mother. She wants the best for her family and is highly protective of them. She initially distrusts the convicts, but she eventually warms to them, and in particular to Jules. Emilie has a better business sense than her husband, however since she is not in charge of the shop, she spends a good deal of time gently trying to correct or undo some of Felix's practices. (Age: 30's-40's)

Marie Louise Ducotel: Lovely, sweet, innocent daughter of the Ducotels. She believes whole-heartedly in the power of love. She has returned from a season in Paris during which she fell madly in love with Paul. Life is exciting, almost overwhelming to her. She faints often, is dramatic but sweet, kind, and loyal. Her parents and the convicts all feel highly protective of her. (Age: 18-24)

Joseph: The unofficial leader of the convicts. He is in jail for forgery and confidence schemes. During his time at the Ducotels, he enjoys waiting on the customers for Felix. He is excellent at book-keeping and very good with numbers. The Ultimate salesman, he could easily (and probably has) sold reading glasses to a blind man. He is slick and charming. (Age: 40's – 50’s)

Jules: The soul of the convicts. Jules is rather philosophical about life and often dispenses advice. He has unexpected warmth and tenderness for being a double murderer. He helps to keep Alfred's temper in check while being amused by Joseph's antics. He forms a bond with Emilie and genuinely wants good things for the Ducotel family. (Age: 30’s - 40's)

Alfred: The hot head of the convicts. Alfred jumps into action before the others. He is a former society boy, reasonably good looking and not without charm but has an edge to him. He is in prison for murdering someone over money. He is the correct age to have been a suitor for Marie Louise, if not for his crimes. She represents the life that he lost and as such he's jealous about and very protective of Marie Louise. He is strong, implusive, charming but dangerous. (Age: 20's)

Henri Trochard: Felix's cousin and primary investor in his shop. He is cold, overbearing, and mean-spirited. He loves money and is highly impressed with his own success. He is actively grooming Paul (his ward and heir) to take over the family business. He has come to the island to inspect the store and to close it down for failing to turn a profit. His brazen arrogance and cruelty draws the anger of the convicts. (Age: 50's)

Paul: Young, handsome promising ward to Henri. He was romantically involved with Marie Louise, but he has become engaged to her wealthier friend at the insistence of Henri. He is still attracted to and cares for Marie Louise but loves status and money more than her. He has a well-hidden, underhanded, mean streak in him.
(Age: 20's)

Madame Parole: Resident of the island. She is a busy-body and a gossip. She often shops at the Ducotels' store, placing all her purchases on a line of credit and somehow never has money to pay the credit line each month. She manipulates Felix often and she becomes a target for the convicts.
(Age: Flexible)

Lieutenant: Young, handsome, straightforward soldier. He has mutual friends with Felix, who has written him a letter of introduction. The convicts instantly approve of him. He is every good thing that Paul is not. (Age: 20's)

Audition Info
Auditions will be held at the Crighton Theatre located at 234 N. Main Street in downtown Conroe on September 9 & 10 at 7 pm. Callback auditions may be held at the discretion of the director. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Copies of sides can be obtained by contacting the director at . Persons auditioning are asked to bring a headshot and resume if they have one and their personal calendar to note any conflicts with the rehearsal and performance schedule.

Show dates are Nov. 30 – Dec. 16 with Friday & Saturday performances at 8 pm and two Sunday matinees on Dec. 9 & 16 at 2 pm. Performances will be held at the historic Crighton Theatre at 234 N. Main in downtown Conroe. Tickets for MY THREE ANGELS can be obtained by calling the Crighton Theatre box office at 936-441-SHOW or online at . Tickets are $17 for adults and $15 for seniors and $12 for youth. Discounts available for groups of 10 or more.

A Cinderella Convention at the Crighton

If you were dressed as Cinderella in downtown Conroe this weekend, then you joined over 1000 patrons in a Disney-esque atmosphere! 3 performances of the musical were followed by a tea party (at the matinee), photo and autograph opportunities with the cast of Cinderella and pony rides in a mini-teapot. You could even buy magic wands and "glass" slippers before the show. Production photos are available in the gallery or see in-depth stories about the actors in our new One on One series.

Next weekend will also feature pony rides ($5/person) after the matinee. Tickets are still available to the tea party at Chelsea's Tea Room with Cinderella, the prince, and the fairy godmother. Call the Box Office at 936-441-7469 to get tea party tickets. Thanks to Lynn Peverill, Web Bush, and Craig Campobella for decorating the tea room, painting the Cinderella carriage on the wall, and making the serving table look like Cinderella's carriage.

Cinderella has one more weekend at the Crighton. Get your tickets today!

Cinderella Opens at the Crighton

Over 480 patrons came to opening weekend for Cinderella. The cutest patrons (i.e. small kids) went to a Cinderella dinner in full costume and then came to the show. These same kids bought Cinderella slippers, magic wands, and mice; they sought photographs and autographs from the cast after the show.

You can find out more about the cast of Cinderella through our continuing interview series One on One: Inside the Crighton Theatre. You can also read about the show in David Dow Bentley's column where he says 'It is rumored that you may be charged with child abuse if you don’t take the kids to see this one!' - DDB. If you want to attend the tea party with Cinderella, call the Box Office to make a reservation. Get your tickets for Cinderella today!

Parade at Market Street

The cast of Cinderella marched in the 4th of July Parade at Market Square in the Woodlands. Cinderella showed up in a white horse and carriage decorated for her ride to the prince's ball. Cast members invited the crowd to come to the show and join the tea party (reservations at 936-441-SHOW) after each matinee with Cinderella.

Tickets are selling fast with the matinees filling up due to the tea party afterwards.

The Making of a Musical

Even as the wildly successful variety show - The Carol Burnett Show - continued to wow audiences, another musical was in the works - Cinderella. Even though modern Western musicals have been around since the 19th century, patrons continued to be fascinated by behind the scenes stories. How is the magic created?

Over the next several months we will provide you a glimpse of behind the scenes activities for shows in general but musicals in particular. Many books, podcasts, and videos have been documented to guide the curious, the un-initiated, fans, and professionals through the creative process. Each story has its unique aspects and common elements that would provide ample material for a masters class. Our story is no different.

Caleb Ackerman - musical director for Cinderella spent several weeks working with the director - Debra Schultz - to get the cuts she wanted. Once the cuts were decided, Caleb worked with his orchestra and his conductor - Dave Englert - to record the orchestration for the cast. We'd like to say Caleb had a grand recording studio as depicted in the attached picture. Reality is very different. But more on that later...

Get your tickets for Cinderella today!

A Pirate's Life for Me

If you were at the Crighton this weekend (May 11-12, 2012) then you were one of 300 lucky patrons who got to see Bravo Company's show "A Pirate's Life for Me". If you didn't get to see the show then you can still see some of the pictures from the show in the gallery. If you have pictures that you want to share with everyone please email your pictures to the

For a short time only you can view a video clip of the show on youtube. After a few weeks you won't get to enjoy peg leg tappin’ to this eclectic score of rollicking sea shanties.

Carol Burnett Show Takes Us Home - Again?!

Seems rather quiet in downtown Conroe this weekend. What's this? Another 1000 patrons are expected to see the Carol Burnett Show on the final weekend. Patrons have enjoyed the show so much they come out with a sore throat from laughter. Act 2 pictures are now in the gallery. You can now see pictures from the famous "Went with the Wind" sketch that has been under wraps since rehearsal.

Additional newspaper articles are in the newspaper archive. Over $1900 have been raised for Carol Burnett's favorite charity - the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation. Ms. Burnett will be ecstatic.

Get your tickets before the show is also "Gone With the Wind"!