Vaudeville (Finally) Comes to the Crighton

Compiled By: Glen Lambert
Performances: Sept. 11 - 27, 2009

For the 75th birthday bash of for the Crighton Theatre STAGE RIGHT will do what has never been done before at the Crighton – a vaudeville show! Singing, Comedy acts, juggling, and more!

Performances Sept 11-27, 2009

Singing Acts: | |
Ballin’ the Jack (Nancy & Norma)| Cindy Tippens|
| Yvonne Nelson|
Barbershop (The Major Chords)| The Statesmen Chorus|
Dinah (The Gumm Sisters)| Mary Robbins|
| Kaitlyn Lyon|
| Kaylie King|
Embraceable You (Dame Juliet)| Michel Brown Stevens|
Gallagher & Shean| Harold E. Wood Jr.|
| Tommy Hunter|
| Kaitlyn Lyon|
I Don’t Care (Sweet Lindy Lou)| Cindy Tippens|
I Wanna be Bad (Helen Kane)| Patti Adams|
| Dancers|
I Wanna be Loved by You (Helen Kane)| Patti Adams|
Irving Berlin Medley (Don & Delilah Duncan)| Catherine Anderson|
| Michael Raabe|
Mountain Greenery (Don & Delilah Duncan)| Catherine Anderson|
| Michael Raabe|
| Dancers|
My Man (Fanny Brice)| Carolyn Corsano Wong|
A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody| Entire Cast|
Ragtime Cowboy Joe (The Johnson Twins)| Marshall & Hunter Micklitz|
| Patti Barnes|
| Gerald Livingston|
S’Wonderful (Blossom Seeley)| Patti Barnes|
Second Hand Rose (Saucy Sadie)| Patti Barnes|
Some of These Days (Sophie Tucker)| Yvonne Nelson|
Somebody Loves Me (Baby Rose Marie)| Rebekah King|
| John King|
Stormy Weather (Dame Juliet)| Michel Brown Stevens|
The Girl on the Magazine Cover| Harold E. Wood Jr.|
| Tommy Hunter|
| Michael Raabe|
| Amy Sowers|
| Gerald Livingston|
| Patti Barnes|
| Mary Robbins|
| Michel Brown Stevens|
| Catherine Anderson|
| Jillian Nolan|
The Tale of the Oyster (Fanny Brice)| Carolyn Corsano Wong|
Zing Went the Strings of My Heart (Gumms)| Mary Robbins|
| Kaitlyn Lyon|
| Kaylie King|
Other Acts:| |
Bowling Gag| Tom Lockhart Jr.|
Burns & Allen| Gerald Livingston|
| Patti Barnes|
Flugle Street| Tom Lockhart Jr.|
| John Stevens|
| Cindy Tippens|
| Gerald Livingston|
| Harold E. Wood Jr.|
| Jillian Nolan|
| Michael Raabe|
| Hunter Micklitz|
Helen Hunt| Tom Lockhart Jr.|
| John Stevens|
In Marbled Halls| Patti Adams|
| Tommy Hunter|
Side Show Specialties (The Baldini Bros.)| Jeremy Brinegar|
| Damian Schillaci|
| Vincent Parish|
Magicians (Bloodstone & Mysterio)| Shan Griffith|
| Matthew Elston|
Paint Can Gag| Tom Lockhart Jr.|
| John Stevens|
Putting on the Ritz (Fred & Adele Astaire)| Angela Graves|
| Fred Perry|
Sally Rand (Claire De Lune)| Lorraine Counts|
School Daze| Jillian Nolan|
| Harold E. Wood Jr.|
| Tommy Hunter|
| Gerald Livingston|
The Sweepstakes Ticket| Carolyn Corsano Wong|
| Gerald Livingston|
| Marshall Micklitz|
| Tommy Hunter|
Water Cooler Gag| Tom Lockhart Jr.|
| John Stevens
Director| Glen Lambert|
Tech Director| James Bingham|
Music Director| David McKenery|
Asst. Director| Jillian Nolan|
Stage Manager| Steven Wong|
Set Design| Greg Kelly|
Lighting Design| Roger Ormiston|
Sound Design| Jim Tatum|
Lights| Mike Goode|
Sound| Mackenzie Goode|
Costumes| Kylee Michelle Huddleston|
Props| Kylee Michelle Huddleston|
| Shawn Ryan|
| Rob Sisco|
| David Rabbe|
Rehersial Pianist| Debbie Wylie|
Front of House| Sarah Roberts|
Special Thanks| ACE Theatre|
| Theatre Southwest|
| Playhouse 1960|
| Jim and Angela Graves|
| Steven Jones|
| Kimber Sadler|
| Connie Danley|
| Peggie Miller|
| Doc Fennessy|
| Craig Jones|
| Brad Meyer|
| Ozzy Osborne|
Sponsers| |
Producer| TSF Inc.|
Director| Molly and Mike Goode|
Director| Jim & Angela Graves|
Stage Manager| Karen & Mike Olson|
Actor| Dr. Bruce and Mimi Bastian|
Dedicated to| Michael Mendenhall|
| William Whitlow

Several acts were billed but were cut before the show opened.
The two magicians alternated from night to night doing their respective act towards the beginning of the show.