17-18 Season

Opening Weekend for Hello Dolly

Over 1300 people came to opening weekend for Hello, Dolly! They were treated with a high energy, fast paced musical. Groups as large as 100 came for a shared experience. Despite the hot and cold weather all had a great time.

If you are interested, you can find magazine articles or production pictures of the show.

An additional matinee on the last weekend of the run has been added to accommodate demand. Get your tickets today!

Change for Good

It's easy to believe that one person cannot make a difference.  Yet combine many small efforts into one and you can produce an incredible effect.

We were always impressed by the Change for Good campaign.  We've always had extra change from every trip overseas.  The change is useless to us.  But if enough of us give it away, we can make a difference.  A lot in this case.  To date, the Change for Good campaign has raised over $150 million dollars.

You can do the same thing with your computer.  Most of us do not use our computers 100% of the time.  When your computer is idle - which is most of the time - it can work for good.  How?  There are many efforts where the computer works on research efforts when it isn't busy.

There are many volunteer computing efforts out there.  Many use a particular piece of software called BOINC - the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing.  You can choose from many different educational and research efforts.  Pharmaceutical development? Find new particles that explain our universe? You control what efforts are explored and how much resources (i.e. time) you donate.

So how exactly does idle time on a computer help anyone?  Experimentation is expensive and takes time.  It is possible to model or guide experimentation by running computer scenarios or models.  Modeling can also be expensive unless you have access to donated computing cycles.  That's where we volunteers come in.  One idle computer doesn't help very much.  But many idle computers can make a difference - especially when we are talking about hundreds of thousands of computers.

Main Stage Productions Inc DBA STAGE RIGHT is in the top 1% of donors when if comes to computer cycles. Out of 4.7 million registered users that's impressive. Unfortunately that is a tiny fraction of the 2 billion computers that could be donating their idle cycles to research.

Let's work to make a difference a bit at a time.

Cast List for The Elephant Man

Thanks to all who auditioned for The Elephant Man. The cast is as follows:

Character Actor
John Merrick Caleb Glass
F. C. Carr Gomm Manny Cafeo
Frederick Treves Sean Keith Thompson
Ross Michael Raabe
Man Art Stringer
Bishop Walsham How Joshua W. Merillat
Mrs. Kendall Patrice Kentimenos
Porter Will Derwin Youngblood
Snork Wesley Bush
Nurse Sandwhich Marilyn Moore
Lord John Kevin Downs
Princess Alexandria Dianna Egley
Countess Elizabeth Graven
Duchess Denise DeBold
Pinhead Cameron Collins
Pinhead Elissa Lynch
Pinhead Hannah Gilchriest
Conductor TBD
Belgian Policeman TBD
London Policeman TBD

Auditions for The Elephant Man

Stage Right announces auditions for The Elephant Man on Jan 21-22, 2018 at the historic Crighton Theatre (7 PM). Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Performances will be on Apr. 13-29, 2018.

The Elephant Man is based on the life of John Merrick, who lived in London during the latter part of the nineteenth century. A horribly deformed young man, victim of rare skin and bone diseases, he has become the star freak attraction in traveling side shows. Found abandoned and helpless, he is admitted to London's prestigious Whitechapel hospital. Under the care of celebrated young physician Frederick Treves, Merrick is introduced to London society and slowly evolves from an object of pity to an urbane and witty favorite of the aristocracy and literati only to be denied his ultimate dream, to become a man like any other.

For more information about the show see this article.

Last Weekend for A Charlie Brown Christmas

Congratulations to the cast and crew of A Charlie Brown Christmas who entertained over 5200 patrons during the run of the show. This makes A Charlie Brown Christmas the highest attended show in Crighton Theatre history after Mary Poppins (2017) and Miracle on 34th Street (2016). All three shows were done within the last year and broke the previous Crighton Theatre record.

How do other shows at the Crighton compare in terms of attendance? Check out the virtual hall of fame here.

If you haven't seen this entertaining show you have 4 more chances starting tonight to see the show. Get your tickets now!

A Charlie Brown Christmas - First Weekend

Over 1300 patrons came to the first weekend of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Kids enjoyed the snow, the elves, the music, and carnival atmosphere. Even so, all were able to appreciate the message on the true meaning of Christmas.

Tickets are selling fast! Get yours before it's too late! Don't forget to bring personal care products to benefit the Salvation Army!

Cast for Hello Dolly

Thanks to all who came out for auditions. The cast is as follows:

Role Actor
Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi Carolyn Wong
Ernestina Cherish Cahoon
Ambrose Kemper Cain Hamilton
Horse 1 TBA
Horse 2 TBA
Horace Vandergelder Michael Martin
Ermengarde Elissa Lynch
Cornelius Hackl Carlos Gonzalez
Barnaby Tucker Ryan Roriguez
Irene Molloy Sara Priesler
Minnie Fae Hillary Moore
Mrs. Rose Melissa Cummins
Rudolph Zach Ramon
Judge Will Radcliffe
Court Clerk Bradley Rice
Rich Texas Couple Jim Boy / Katie Kelly
Dancers / Chorus Abigail Hudson
Dancers / Chorus Hannah Gilchriest
Dancers / Chorus Lydia Derksen
Dancers / Chorus Jaylynn Young
Dancers / Chorus Kalan Wilburn
Dancers / Chorus Zachary Ramon
Dancers / Chorus Cain Hamilton
Chorus Madison Lyons
Chorus Becki Kinch
Chorus Diane Harrison
Chorus Cameron Collins
Chorus Kennedy Rockwell
Chorus Audrey Melnick
Chorus Harmony Tripp
Chorus Maisy Tidwell
Chorus Kelly Drath
Chorus Audrey Guerrero

Crighton Renovation and Move-Out (as of Nov. 6, 2017 at 7 PM)

Oct 30-31 - Thanks to Deanie, Jim Boy, Denise and Dave Hackman for marking items
Nov 1 - Trash bin is full. Thanks to Denise, Carolyn, Murph, and Bingham for the help.
Nov 2 - Snafu with movers. No moving today. Need to put wheels on really large units (like stairs).
Nov 3 - New trash bin got here at 10 AM. Pod to arrive around 4 PM at white house. Thanks to Denise and Jonathan for help with the big set items. Trash bin is about 1/2-2/3 full.
Nov 4 - Thanks to Deanie. Jim Boy, and BIngham for helping fill up trash bin #2.
Nov. 5 - strike for Young Frankenstein
Nov. 6 - trash bin #3 is 1/3 full. More set and props items moved to offsite location and white house. Still at least 1-2 more days of moving/trash.
Nov. 9 (Thursday) - another day of moving out of the Muse building. Trash bin gets removed the next day.


    The graphic below is the initial recommendation on an overall view of the items in the Muse building and where items could go. Each box represents 10 linear feet (depth varies from 2-12 ft). While offsite storage is more expensive (about 75% more) the width and height of the storage make it easier to move items in and out.

    Temporary pods at the white house approved by City.

Hello Dolly Auditions

Stage Right announces auditions for Hello Dolly on Oct 29-30, 2017 at the historic Crighton Theatre (7 PM). All roles are available EXCEPT for Dolly Levi which has been PRECAST.

Hello, Dolly! is a musical filled with charisma and with heart. Matchmaker Dolly Levi is a widow, a matchmaker, and also a professional meddler - but everything changes when she decides that the next match she needs to make is to find someone for herself. Along the way she also succeeds in matching the young and beautiful Irene Molloy with Vandergelder's head clerk, Cornelius Hackl; Cornelius's assistant Barnaby Tucker with Mrs. Molloy's loop assistant, Minnie Fay; and the struggling artist Ambrose Kemper with Mr. Vandergelder's weeping niece, Ermengarde.

Set in New York City at the turn-of-the-century, Hello-Dolly! is boisterous and charming from start to finish. Hello, Dolly! features such memorable songs as "Before the Parade Passes By," "It Only Takes a Moment," "Put on Your Sunday Clothes," and - of course - the title number, "Hello, Dolly!"

Cast for A Charlie Brown Christmas

Incredible talent came out for the auditions. Thanks to all who came.

Character Actor
Charlie Brown Jonah Czarnopis
Linus Keegan Pepper
Schroeder Owen McWhirter
Lucy Daire McLeod
Sally Aria Czarnopis
Peppermint Patty Gabrielle Rickwalt
Snoopy James Pate
Woodstock Austin Krueger
Marcie Charlee Turner
Frieda Katie Kowalik
Violet Emma Dantzler
Pig Pen Sam Siemonsma
Shermy Tyler Kowalik
Re-run Wesley Burns
Little Red Haired Girl Keali Krueger
Jingle the Elf Micah Clarke
Jangle the Elf Liam Dempsey

The elves have lines. First rehearsal is tomorrow at 5 PM with parents. See you soon!