No Time for Sergeants

By: Ira Levin
Performances: Sept. 10 - 26, 2010

NO TIME FOR SERGEANTS' central figure is a husky and good-natured hillbilly who finally gets into the Air Force despite his father's propensity for tearing up his draft papers. Veterans and their spouses are free provided they call the Box Office at 936-441-SHOW and bring items to benefit our active duty troops. See the US Troop Support Foundation for more details.

Christmas Belles

By: Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten
Performances: Dec. 3 - 19, 2010
Auditions: Oct. 17 - 18, 2010

If you missed this in 2008, don't miss this hilarious Christmas celebration described as "The Golden Girls" meet "A Charlie Brown Christmas"!

It’s Christmas-time in the small town of Fayro, Texas, and the Futrelle Sisters — Frankie, Twink and Honey Raye — are not exactly in a festive mood. A cranky Frankie is weeks overdue with her second set of twins. Twink, recently jilted and bitter about it, is in jail for inadvertently burning down half the town. And hot-flash-suffering Honey Raye is desperately trying to keep the Tabernacle of the Lamb’s Christmas Program from spiraling into chaos. But things are not looking too promising: Miss Geneva, the ousted director of the previous twenty-seven productions, is ruthless in her attempts to take over the show.

Always...Patsy Cline

Written and orginally directed by Ted Swindley. Based on a TRUE STORY.
Performances: Feb. 18-Mar. 6, 2011
Auditions: By appointment.

Written and orginally directed by Ted Swindley. Based on a TRUE STORY.
Licensed by the family and Estate of Patsy Cline. All Rights Reserved.
Original Cast Album available on MCA/Decca Records.

The music of Patsy Cline with the comic story of her friendship with a Houston fan.
Having first heard Cline on the "Arthur Godfrey Show" in 1957, Seger became an immediate and avid fan of Cline's and she constantly hounded the local disc jockey to play Cline's records on the radio.


By: Mary Chase
Performances: Apr. 22-May 8, 2011
Auditions: Feb. 20-21, 2011

When Elwood P. Dowd starts to introduce his imaginary friend, Harvey, a six-and-a-half-foot rabbit, to guests at a society party, his sister, Veta, has seen as much of his eccentric behavior as she can tolerate. She decides to have him committed to a sanitarium to spare her daughter, Myrtle Mae, and their family from future embarrassment. Problems arise, however, when Veta herself is mistakenly assumed to be on the verge of lunacy when she explains to doctors that years of living with Elwood's hallucination have caused her to see Harvey also! The doctors commit Veta instead of Elwood, but when the truth comes out, the search is on for Elwood and his invisible companion. When he shows up at the sanitarium looking for his lost friend Harvey, it seems that the mild-mannered Elwood's delusion has had a strange influence on more than one of the doctors. Only at the end does Veta realize that maybe Harvey isn't so bad after all.

The Music Man

By: Meredith Wilson
Performances: Jul. 15-31, 2011
Auditions: May 1-2, 2011

An affectionate paean to Smalltown, U.S.A. of a bygone era, Meredith Willson’s “The Music Man” follows fast-talking traveling salesman Harold Hill as he cons the people of River City, Iowa into buying instruments and uniforms for a boys’ band he vows to organize – this despite the fact he doesn’t know a trombone from a treble clef. His plans to skip town with the cash are foiled when he falls for Marian the librarian, who transforms him into a respectable citizen by curtain’s fall.

Dearly Beloved

By: Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten
Performances: Apr. 16 - May 2, 2010

In spite of her own marital problems, Frankie has held steadfastly to the hope that she can pull off one “final Futrelle occasion” with elegance and style with the help of the cantankerous wedding coordinator, Miss Geneva, who runs the local floral shop/bus depot. But on the day of the nuptials, Frankie’s hope begins to dim when she discovers Twink’s alternative solution to an expensive catered wedding dinner is a potluck supper sponsored by Clovis Sanford’s House of Meat. When the prodigal Honey Raye arrives at the church in skintight gold lamé, consumed by hot flashes and a steely determination to right old family wrongs, Frankie’s hope is shaken. It is lost completely when word reaches the church that Tina Jo and her fiancé have fled Fayro and eloped. The sisters ultimately pull together to find ways to keep the unsuspecting guests in the pews while a highway patrolman races off to track down the runaway bride and groom. As a last resort, and to the delight of the citizenry of Fayro, Texas, The Sermonettes reunite and sing again.

Download the KSTAR interview with Ms. Geneva!

Cheaper by the Dozen

Adapted By: Christopher Sergel. From The Book By: Frank Gilbreth and Ernestine Gilbreth Cary
Performances: Jul. 31 - August 15, 2009

The title comes from one of Frank Sr.'s favorite jokes: it often happened that when he and his family were out driving and stopped at a red light, a pedestrian would ask, "Hey, Mister! How come you got so many kids?" Gilbreth would pretend to ponder the question carefully, and then, just as the light turned green, would say, "Well, they come cheaper by the dozen, you know," and drive off.


Book by:Thomas Meehan; Music by: Charles Strouse; Lyrics by: Martin Charnin
Performances: Jul. 23 - Aug. 8, 2010

From the comic strip, Little Orphan Annie, comes this beloved musical of perseverance,hope,and optimism. Set in the midst of the Great Depression, Annie is determined to find her parents and have a real family. Come enjoy great songs such as "Tomorrow", "Maybe", "You're Never Fully Dressed without a Smile",and more!

Doo Wop Wed Widing Hood

It's the 1950s, hula-hoops are in high demand, and so is Little Red Riding Hood! Wise Prince Jason (winner of the Math Olympics and the Nobel Prize), Strong Prince Justin (who can bench press his own mother) and ordinary Loud Prince Frank all want to woo Red Riding Hood. So the king and queen hire the Fairy Godmother to set three tasks for the princes. Only the prince who can find the missing girl, defeat the dragon and awaken a castle visitor from her slumber earns the right to woo Wed Widing Hood... that is, Red Riding Hood! Complete with the big bad wolf and a sock-hopping '50s score, this adventure is guaranteed to end in happily-ever-after laughter for audiences of all ages! Performances are on May 13 at 7 PM and May 14 at 2 PM.