Why is the Miracle Worker 'The Doggy Show'?

"Best show ever." which is high praise from the patrons. "I know the story, but I didn't expect to be so touched." We tell them, "Wait for Act 2". The smaller guests ask, "Are the people real? Is the doggy real? I want to see the doggy show!" Another 300 patrons came and gave the cast of The Miracle Worker another 3 standing ovations. Better yet, the patrons are telling their friends and coming back again to see the show. But don't take other's opinions about the show - see it for yourself!

Get your tickets for the last weekend! You can find pictures from the show in the gallery.

Opening Weekend for The Miracle Worker

Over 300 patrons came to see the opening of The Miracle Worker. While most everyone knows the story of Helen Keller and her teacher, Annie Sullivan, our patrons were surprised by how much the story and the performances touched their hearts. Both Helens - Lena Torluemke of The Woodlands and Lauren Santana of Houston - and the cast received standing ovations for their incredible performances. See the online interviews with the cast or the Dockline magazine articles for more information.

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A Cinderella Convention at the Crighton

If you were dressed as Cinderella in downtown Conroe this weekend, then you joined over 1000 patrons in a Disney-esque atmosphere! 3 performances of the musical were followed by a tea party (at the matinee), photo and autograph opportunities with the cast of Cinderella and pony rides in a mini-teapot. You could even buy magic wands and "glass" slippers before the show. Production photos are available in the gallery or see in-depth stories about the actors in our new One on One series.

Next weekend will also feature pony rides ($5/person) after the matinee. Tickets are still available to the tea party at Chelsea's Tea Room with Cinderella, the prince, and the fairy godmother. Call the Box Office at 936-441-7469 to get tea party tickets. Thanks to Lynn Peverill, Web Bush, and Craig Campobella for decorating the tea room, painting the Cinderella carriage on the wall, and making the serving table look like Cinderella's carriage.

Cinderella has one more weekend at the Crighton. Get your tickets today!

Cinderella Opens at the Crighton

Over 480 patrons came to opening weekend for Cinderella. The cutest patrons (i.e. small kids) went to a Cinderella dinner in full costume and then came to the show. These same kids bought Cinderella slippers, magic wands, and mice; they sought photographs and autographs from the cast after the show.

You can find out more about the cast of Cinderella through our continuing interview series One on One: Inside the Crighton Theatre. You can also read about the show in David Dow Bentley's column where he says 'It is rumored that you may be charged with child abuse if you don’t take the kids to see this one!' - DDB. If you want to attend the tea party with Cinderella, call the Box Office to make a reservation. Get your tickets for Cinderella today!

The Making of a Musical

Even as the wildly successful variety show - The Carol Burnett Show - continued to wow audiences, another musical was in the works - Cinderella. Even though modern Western musicals have been around since the 19th century, patrons continued to be fascinated by behind the scenes stories. How is the magic created?

Over the next several months we will provide you a glimpse of behind the scenes activities for shows in general but musicals in particular. Many books, podcasts, and videos have been documented to guide the curious, the un-initiated, fans, and professionals through the creative process. Each story has its unique aspects and common elements that would provide ample material for a masters class. Our story is no different.

Caleb Ackerman - musical director for Cinderella spent several weeks working with the director - Debra Schultz - to get the cuts she wanted. Once the cuts were decided, Caleb worked with his orchestra and his conductor - Dave Englert - to record the orchestration for the cast. We'd like to say Caleb had a grand recording studio as depicted in the attached picture. Reality is very different. But more on that later...

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A Pirate's Life for Me

If you were at the Crighton this weekend (May 11-12, 2012) then you were one of 300 lucky patrons who got to see Bravo Company's show "A Pirate's Life for Me". If you didn't get to see the show then you can still see some of the pictures from the show in the gallery. If you have pictures that you want to share with everyone please email your pictures to the

For a short time only you can view a video clip of the show on youtube. After a few weeks you won't get to enjoy peg leg tappin’ to this eclectic score of rollicking sea shanties.

Carol Burnett Show Takes Us Home - Again?!

Seems rather quiet in downtown Conroe this weekend. What's this? Another 1000 patrons are expected to see the Carol Burnett Show on the final weekend. Patrons have enjoyed the show so much they come out with a sore throat from laughter. Act 2 pictures are now in the gallery. You can now see pictures from the famous "Went with the Wind" sketch that has been under wraps since rehearsal.

Additional newspaper articles are in the newspaper archive. Over $1900 have been raised for Carol Burnett's favorite charity - the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation. Ms. Burnett will be ecstatic.

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Parody Reigns Supreme in The Carol Burnett Show

Approximately 1000 people came during the second weekend of The Carol Burnett Show and were treated to parodies from the 1970's (Sunny and Claire, Guess What's Coming to Dinner, As the Stomach Turns, and Went With the Wind). Even commercials that we normally ignor brought us back to a different era. If you do not remember the real Sonny and Cher see this video clip.

Thanks to KMH Photography for the production pictures from Act I. Act II pictures will be added later this week.

This weekend (May 4-6) is your last chance to see Carol Burnett's sketches that defined the 1970's. Get your tickets today!

Meeting a Legend

After a tremendous opening weekend, Leona, Shirley, Carolyn, Steve, and Michael went down to see Carol Burnett in Galveston for her "Laughter and Reflections" one woman show. It was an extended Q&A session interspersed with a selection of video clips. At 78, she can still joke and adapt to just about any question. One girl even asked her to dinner (wish we had thought about that). It's amazing how tongue-tied people can get when they talk to her - whether they are 17 or 70.

After the show the group went backstage to meet Carol. She was elated when they told her that STAGE RIGHT has collected over $1000 for her favorite charity - the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation. She was given a playbill of the show; her wish for the cast and crew of The Carol Burnett Show is that they have fun. Just as soon as photos were taken and hugs were exchanged, it was over. Carpe diem.

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Opening Night for The Carol Burnett Show

You're traveling through another dimension -- a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's a signpost up ahead: your next stop: The Carol Burnett Show?! Over 250 people braved what could have been torrential rains to expereince a throwback to the 1970s. Another 250+ are expected for Saturday. Carol Burnett didn't invent the variety show, but she "perfected" it.

To add to the ambience, a scene that could have been taken out of any family back then was added to the beginning of the show. A show within a show. Imagine a time when a family ate together in front of the TV and watched clean, family entertainment - together?! Yet that was the Saturday lineup. Start with All in the Family and end with The Carol Burnett Show.

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