Mama Won't Fly Continues to Break Box Office Records

The second weekend of Mama Won't Fly brought in ~1000 patrons. This puts the World Premiere on track to having the largest audience for a non-musical to date with 2-3 times the normal attendance for a straight show. Not bad at all for show that has had no additional press and competes with several other premieres in the greater Houston area. Large groups from as far away as Beaumont have been coming to see what the "buzz" is all about.

Thanks to Deb Evans who has posted some new pictures of opening night. You can also find the reviews of the World Premiere here.

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Opening Weekend for Mama Won't Fly - World Premiere

After a year and a half of preparation and planning, it all comes down to opening night. Over 330 people came to meet Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten who worked as greeters. They got to the Crighton earlier than most of the cast. This was the biggest opening of a non-musical in terms of effort, patrons, press, and pre-show activities for Stage Right to date. Not bad for a theatre group who just passed the 3 year mark. The buzz in the air was electric. You never know what lines patrons will find funny. We were surprised at the kids in the audience who had a fabulous time. Not a bad birthday present for Carolyn Corsano Wong (artistic director) who always seems to be doing a show on her birthday. Then again, who wouldn't want to spend time with your extended theatre family?

Believe it or not, Saturday's performance was even better. Another 300+ patrons came to see this hilarious premiere. Don't miss the remaining performances of Mama Won't Fly! Pictures of opening night are now in the gallery. Thanks to Nikie Brown of WishNik Photography for the production pictures. We have also posted the draft commemorative poster.

Mayor Declares Sept 9, 2011 as Jones, Hope, and Wooten Day

Normally the Thursday prior to the opening of a show is reserved for dress rehearsal. Not this time. Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooten - authors of Mama Won't Fly - came to town to meet season subscribers and the cast/crew of Mama Won't Fly. Angela Graves hosted the party for approximately 100 guests at her house dubbed 'Villa Graves'. Mayor Webb Melder declared September 9, 2011 (opening night for the World Premiere) as Jones, Hope, and Wooten day. Believe it or not, this is the first time that any town has declared such a day for our authors. Jessie, Nicholas, and Jamie were overwhelmed by our southern hospitality. After the party the authors returned to their other host - Lyn Hawthorne Howard - who has provided a place for the authors to stay while they are here. In case you missed the party, check out the pictures.

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Mama Won't Fly Rehearsal

It's only one month before the authors of the hilarous world premiere of "Mama Won't Fly" come to town! You will have a chance to talk to the authors that have brought us the trilogy of the Futrelle sisters: Christmas Belles, Southern Hospitality, and Dearly Beloved. Meanwhile, the cast is learning lines and fight choreography so they will be able to relax and enjoy tech week.

Enjoy tech week?! Not to worry - no animals or people will get hurt during any of the scenes. After all, this is a Jones, Hope and Wooten comedy. You can see more promotional pictures of the cast here.

Last Chance to See The Music Man

This is your last chance to see that lovable con man Harold Hill. Over 400 people will enjoy the last performance. One comment that we received from our patrons was "thanks for all the hard work". A welcome comment but unusual in that they recognized all the efforts that went into show. Countless volunteer hours for rehearsal, promotional events, set construction and costumes (over 200) have culminated in a great show. Don't miss this event! If you can't make it, browse some pictures from the last weekend. If you have pictures that you would like to share, please email them to

Three Ways to Relax After The Music Man

If you came to see The Music Man this weekend then you were one of 1100+ patrons who came to see some incredible performances. After the show you might have seen the barbershop quartet from the show serenading the ladies in the lobby or the cast enjoying a laugh with their friends who came to the show. So what does one do to celebrate a successful second weekend?

Some of the cast opted for a quiet dinner out with friends. Others got together to play Ultimate frisbee and splash in a pool. A third group went to Incredible Pizza in Conroe, had a quick dinner, and then rushed to play some games. Woody, Mike Anderson, Steven and Michael Wong, Jenna and Jennifer Kirk, and Darrell Bason decided to play laser tag with some other brave souls. Woody got the top score with Michael a close second.

You still have one more weekend to catch The Music Man at the Crighton. Get your tickets before they are gone!

Opening Night for The Music Man

After 7 weeks of rehearsal the cast of the Music Man was eager on opening night. Over 250 patrons came to opening night and were treated to the wonderful songs from the show including Trouble, 76 Trombones, and Wells Fargo Wagon. The crowd was wowed by the chorus, touched by the barbershop quartet, impressed by the kids, and awed by the leads. If you didn't make the opening you can see NIkie Brown's production pictures taken on Wednesday night. After the show Siegelman's of Chicago provided hot dogs and chips for the opening night party. Darin made his famous relish to garnish the hot dogs. Even after such a long night, the kids in the show still had incredible energy reserves and proceeded to demonstrate how to sing some of the songs.

Fun Without the Fireworks

Many communities have suspended fireworks displays for the 4th of July. That didn't stop the cast of The Music Man from having fun. They marched in the Woodlands parade during the morning, gave out rack cards, hob nobbed with the other parade entrants, and went to Red Robin afterwards for the cool refreshments and tasty burgers. To see more pictures from the parade go to the gallery or go to Nikie's Facebook page.

STAGE RIGHT Announces Cast of Mama Won't Fly

Thank you to all those that came to audition for MAMA WON’T FLY. You were all so good it made my job very difficult! As I mentioned at callbacks I changed my mind about casting as few people as possible. As a result the character roles, especially for the men, are spread rather thin. I am a true believer that there are no small roles only – well, you fill in the blank. Here is the cast of the world premiere production of MAMA WON’T FLY. Below the cast list is the synopsis of the show that will appear on the back cover of the script.

Doo Wop Wed Widing Hood Brings 1950's Music to a Classic Story

Bravo Company, the educational arm of STAGE RIGHT, put on a timeless classic to 1950's music. Just as Hoodwinked updated the story of Little Red Riding Hood with upbeat music, Doo Wop is a similar, witty treatment of the same classic with a twist (pun intended). To see pictures of "sneak peak" night with family and friends, see the gallery.

Performances are on Friday and Saturday (May 13-14). Call the Box Office at 936-441-SHOW (7469) or buy your tickets online!