11-12 Season

Auditions for Cinderella

Stage Right in Conroe, Texas will be holding auditions for Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella on Sunday, April 29 and Monday, April 30, 2012 at 7:30 PM at the historic Crighton Theatre in downtown Conroe. Cinderella is the classic fairy tale as told by the musical theatre team of legend—Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II.

We are looking primarily for ADULT actors (over 18 years of age) for the lead roles in this production; however, there are several roles for children. The age requirements are listed below. The roles for Cinderella include: (No roles have been pre-cast.)

CINDERELLA (adult)—classic fairy tale heroine
FAIRY GODMOTHER (adult)—Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother, with a little bit of attitude
STEPMOTHER (adult)—Cinderella’s over-the-top stepmother
GRACE (adult)—Cinderella’s awkward stepsister
JOY (adult)—Cinderella’s sullen stepsister
CHRISTOPHER (adult)—Prince Charming
LIONEL (adult)—Christopher’s assistant/watcher
QUEEN CONSTANTINA (adult)—Christopher’s mother
KING MAXIMILLIAN (adult)—Christopher’s father
CHARLES (child)—Cinderella’s cat (Dance and/or Acrobatic skills are highly desired for this role.)
WHITE MICE (child)—Cinderella’s “friends”; multiple mice are needed (Dance and/or Acrobatic skills are highly desired for these roles.)
CHORUS (adult; will consider teens)—will be used to fill in smaller parts throughout the musical, including but not limited to an opening street scene and the ball at the palace.

Since Cinderella is a full musical, auditioners need to prepare a singing audition. You are asked to prepare a song from a Rodgers & Hammerstein musical—but NOT from Cinderella. You may perform your audition piece with piano accompaniment or with CD accompaniment (with no lead vocals) with a preference for music on a CD or ipod touch.

Auditioners will also be asked to cold-read from the Cinderella script. A short dance/acrobatic skills audition may be required as well for some auditioners.

Performances run July 13-29, 2012. Performances Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons.
Rehearsals begin Wednesday, May 2, 2012. A basic rehearsal schedule will be available at the auditions.
ALL roles are non-paid. For more information, contact the director Debra Schultz at

Barefoot in the Park Opens Friday

Barefoot in the Park opens at the Crighton Theatre on Friday, February 16, 2012. The original movie starred Robert Redford and Jane Fonda. This was the first of many Neil Simon successes.

You can find production pictures in the gallery or magazine articles in the archives. For a behind the scenes discussion check out the WaymoreFM interview.

Paul and Corie Bratter are newlyweds in every sense of the word. He's a straight-as-an-arrow lawyer and she's a free spirit always looking for the latest kick. Their new apartment is her most recent find-too expensive with bad plumbing and in need of a paint job. After a six day honeymoon, they get a surprise visit from Corie's loopy mother and decide to play matchmaker during a dinner with their neighbor-in-the-attic Velasco, where everything that can go wrong, does. Paul just doesn't understand Corie, as she sees it. He's too staid, too boring and she just wants him to be a little more spontaneous, running "barefoot in the park" would be a start...

Come to the show and bring non-perishable goods to benefit the Montgomery County Food Bank. Don't miss this Neil Simon comedy!


The musical is based upon the fairy tale Cinderella, particularly Cendrillon, ou la Petite Pantoufle de Vair, by Charles Perrault. The story concerns a young woman forced into a life of servitude by her cruel stepmother and self-centered stepsisters, who dreams of a better life. With the help of her Fairy Godmother, Cinderella is transformed into a Princess and finds her Prince.

Matinees will be followed by a tea party with Cinderella and the Prince.

The Carol Burnett Show - Auditions

Stage Right in Conroe, Texas will be holding auditions for The Carol Burnett Show on Sunday, February 19 and Monday, February 20, 2012 at 7:30 PM. The Carol Burnett Show features sketches from the television classic as well as variety show production numbers and vocal selections.

The casting requirements for The Carol Burnett Show include 4-6 Women and 2-4 Men. No roles have been pre-cast.
Actors will cold-read from classic Burnett sketches and may be asked to complete improv exercises during the audition process. Although it is not mandatory to come to both nights of auditions, those who can attend both evenings are encouraged to do so.

Musical Theatre Performers:
Casting will also be completed for 4 FEMALE musical theatre performers for the production numbers. Those interested in auditioning for these positions are asked to prepare a musical theatre style song-and-dance number. Numbers should be no more than 90 seconds and should be done using “canned” accompaniment music with no lead vocals. (Accompaniment music can be on CD or MP3/ipod touch player.)

The director is looking to cast 2-4 Broadway style singers (MALE or FEMALE) for additional vocal selections. Those interested in auditioning for one of these pieces should prepare a song from a Broadway show; accompaniment should be on CD or MP3, with no lead vocals.

Performances run April 20-May 6, 2012. Performances Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons.
Rehearsals begin Sunday, February 26. A basic rehearsal schedule will be available at the auditions.

ALL roles are non-paid.

When: Sunday, February 19 and Monday, February 20, 2012
Where: Stage Right Productions, Crighton Theater, 234 N. Main St., Conroe, TX 77301.

For more information, contact the director Sam Martinez at or the assistant director Megan Nix at

Last Weekend for A Christmas Story

Over 2800 patrons have bought tickets to see story of the boy who schemes to get a Red Ryder BB gun. The cast had a gift exchange on Saturday with Christmas Story memorabilia from Walgreens (unofficial theme). Michael (the bully) decided to make his gifts hard to open by adding duck tape, plastic ties and rocks. Everyone wanted the box with rocks except Peter (Ralphie) who wanted anything but.

The last performance is on Sunday, December 18th with 500 patrons expected to attend. Get your tickets before it's too late!

Parade on the Second Weekend of 'A Christmas Story'

Tickets continue to sell at a rapid pace. To date we will have an average of 300 patrons per performance with the matinees having the highest attendance.

To promote the show, the cast of 'A Christmas Story' dressed in costume and marched in the Kiwanis Club Parade through downtown Conroe. The leg lamp was instantly recognizable by all in the crowds. The kids in the cast gave out over 1000 candy canes to parade afficionados. Phrases like "you'll shoot your eye out", "a Bumpus hound!", and "it's Miss Shields" were blurted out by the crowd in recognition of the show.

The last performance is on Sunday, December 18th. Get your tickets now!

Opening Weekend for A Christmas Story

Over 400 patrons came opening weekend to see 'A Christmas Story'. People know the story and all the gags. Even so, they still come for that feeling from a story that is like an old, familiar friend. They come to laugh and remember a simplier time: their childhood.

I'm halfway around the world and wish I could have been there to join a holiday tradition which includes seeing a show at the Crighton. As I walked and longed for home I ran across a poet who brought a smile to my face.

I will stop to smell the roses.
I will take every day as it comes.
I will celebrate life.
I will make a difference.
I will appreciate the small things.
I will smile-even when it hurts.
I will kick up my heels.
I will explore my own backyard.
I will make time for family.
I will enjoy the journey...

Come and enjoy the journey that is A Christmas Story!

"Mele Kalikimaka" is the Thing to Say...

STAGE RIGHT continues its tradition of bring laughter to the season with "A Christmas Story". We know that the holidays can be stressful. It's nice to be able to relax for a short time. Even better if you and your family can have fun together in a safe, clean, and nothing controversial style.

Every culture has a way to "party" or celebrate. The Hawaiians don't really have a proper Hawaiian phrase for "Merry Christmas" and came up with a phonetic translation that rolled more easily off their tongues. The phrase "Mele Kalikimaka" was popularized in the song by Bing Crosby. Perhaps you remember the song and hopefully it brings a smile to you. Sometimes when you say something familar in a different way you are able to find new meaning or appreciation.

I have to work hard every year to make Christmas special. It's too easy to become jaded by the commercialism of the season. Relax. Take a deep breath. Try yoga. Do a random act of kindness. Forgive someone or tell the you're sorry.

I have delayed my Christmas holidays every year since I can remember so that our extended family can spread a little joy to our patrons in Montgomery County. It's hard work and takes some sacrifice. But nothing is more rewarding than sharing a little joy during this Christmas season. Join us at the Crighton for a A Christmas Story!

A Message From Carol Burnett

Even though the Carol Burnett Show is over six months away, planning has already started. Coincidentally, Carol Burnett will be in the area presenting her one woman show "Laughter and Reflection with Carol Burnett" at the Grand in Galveston on the same weekend as our opening weekend. Wouldn't it be wonderful if she could come by and lend support to a show with her name?

It was not to be. However, Carol herself called to wish STAGE RIGHT well and make some skit suggestions. Addiitonally she has suggested that the non-profit spotlight for the Carol Burnett Show benefit one of her favorite charities called The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation. This nonprofit organization provides financial and emotional support to families of children with cancer who live in Santa Barbara area. STAGE RIGHT will work with The Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation to most efficiently help them and local kids with cancer.

If you have talent or an act that is reminiscent of the 1970's, start practicing now!

Cinderella - Auditions

STAGE RIGHT announces auditions for Cinderella on April 29-30, 2012 at 7 PM at the historic Crighton Theatre. Bring a CD or iPod and be prepared to sing at least 16 bars of a song.


Cinderella's Fairy Godmother
Cinderella's Stepmother
Grace- her awkward stepsister
Joy - her sullen stepsister
Christopher - a charming young prine
Lionel - his royal steward
Queen Constantina - his mother
King Maximillian - his father
Charles - a cat who will become a Coachman
4 White mice - wiho will become horses
A Dove - who will become a Footman
Villagers, Merchants, Maidens and Palace Guests